Section Head, Acoustic Networking and Signal Processing U. S. Naval Research Laboratory4555 Overlook Ave SW, Code 7162Washington, D.C. 20375-5350T: 202.404.4841F: 202.404.7732E:


Apply my knowledge of data analysis, signal processing, and computer modeling to the solution of complex ocean and atmospheric problems. Interests include: data telemetry, networking, compressive sensing, time reversal, beamforming, matched field processing, propagation modeling, internal waves, and other signal processing techniques.


Ph.D., Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, September 2003

Thesis title: "Underwater communication using time reversal."

B.S., Physics, University of California, San Diego, June 1997

Summa Cum Laude, Malmberg award, Phi Beta Kappa


2006-present Research Physicist

Acoustics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC 20375

    • Research in applications of signal processing to active sonar. Applied compressive sensing to ASW.
    • Underwater acoustic communications between near-bottom and shallow water nodes. Physical (primary) and networking layer design as well as cognitive radio.
    • Environmental estimation. Modeling acoustic propagation with range-dependent propagation effects such as temperature, topography, and high flow (in the ocean and atmosphere).
    • Scientist, planner, and participant in various at-sea experiments.

2004-2006 ASEE Post-doctoral Fellow

Acoustics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC 20375

    • Researching applications of time-reversal to active sonar.
    • Scientist participating in/planning at-sea time-reversal experiment.

1997-2004 Research Assistant

Applied Ocean Science, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA 92037

    • Application of time-reversal to acoustic communications.
    • Scientist participating in at-sea time-reversal experiments.
    • Quantified and ameliorated fluctuations due to ocean medium variability.
    • Enhanced time-reversal communications using adaptive channel equalization.

Other Activities

Chair Public Relations Committee, Acoustical Society of America. 2006-2009

Public Relations Committee, Acoustical Society of America. 2003-2006, 2009-present

Underwater Technical Committee, Acoustical Society of America. 2006-present

Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee, Acoustical Society of America. 2011-present

Student Council, Acoustical Society of America. 2001-2003

Student Web Page of Ocean Acoustic Library. 2000-2002

Teaching Experience

University of California, San Diego 1997

Teaching Assistant for Physics 1C (an introductory course in electromagnetics).